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Our Favorite Local Walks

Sharpley is blessed with Brandywine Creek State Park and the First  State National Historical Park (former Woodlawn Trustees property)  within easy walking distance of our neighborhood. The two parks combined have over 30 miles of trails available. 


The Rocky Run Trail is a 1.8-mile loop on the East side of Brandywine  Creek. To access it, start at the corner of Whitby and Ashford Roads.  Follow the short trail through the Woodley Park woods, keeping an eye  out for our local deer herd, and crossing Husband’s Run on a couple of  stepping stones. Note: this can be wet after a heavy rainstorm.  


Emerge from the woods into the field bordering Mt. Lebanon Road.  Keep the woods to your right until you reach Mt. Lebanon Road at the  corner of Severn Road. Cross and follow Severn Road to the traffic  circle, then take a short right on Taunton Road to the State Park  trailhead. 


After a short stretch of trail take the first right, staying up on the ridge.  Walk about a half-mile until you take the second left-hand turn. You  will descend rather steeply into the Rocky Run ravine.

Cross the stream carefully on a couple of rocks. Take the immediate left at the  top of the stream bank and start paralleling the stream down towards  the Brandywine. This area has a unique micro-climate. In May this permits the bloom of wild orchids along the trail. 


Continue following the trail until you reach the paved Brandywine Trail  at Rocky Run Bridge. Venture straight ahead for a great view of the  Brandywine River. Then return and cross the bridge. Note: the old  bridge to your right that was destroyed by Hurricane Irene back in  2011.


Immediately after the bridge, take a left off the wide trail. Three trails  split here. Take the right fork and follow it uphill about a half-mile until  you arrive back at the trailhead from which you started. Then reverse  your route to get back to Sharpley. 


This totals a little over three miles and is an enjoyable walk in any  season.  


Frank Sutman is a Sharpley homeowner and an avid hiker, runner, biker, photographer, and trailblazer. He has climbed to the summit of  46 states and 269 counties across the USA. Look for more local walks he suggests in our next newsletter! 

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