Board Positions Explained

Our board is comprised of volunteers from your neighborhood who donate their time and efforts to the betterment of Sharpley.  Please see the descriptions below for descriptions of all positions on the board.  Should you feel the calling to join our Board please reach out to any current member to let us know of your interest.


Set and finalize meeting agenda. Facilitate monthly/ annual meetings. Can act as main contact for association. Follow processes and procedures outlined in bylaws. Delegate and supervise officer and member responsibilities. Ensure meetings adhere to agenda timelines. Maintain fairness and respectful behavior of meeting attendees.

Vice President

Serves as an alternate to the President. Assist with planning meetings. Help maintain accurate records. Respond to mail and inquiries. Attend other meetings as needed.


Maintain clear and accurate meeting documentation such as minutes, attendance sheets, sign-in forms, and other relevant documentation. Ensure bylaws are maintained. Maintain updated roster of members. Maintain records of association’s agreed-upon plans.


Manage and track association finances. Prepare budget reports. Report on fiscal issues at meeting. Balance bank statements. Maintain association’s tax-exempt status if necessary.  Arrange for annual audit.

District Representative

Serves as your neighborhood liaison to the Board for any homeowner questions/ issues. Submits your zoning requests/ specs to the board for review and approval.  Collects annual dues/ sends follow-up requests to late paying homeowners.